Research Papers
Political Economy

Democracy and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Indonesia, Review of Economics and Statistics, July 2021, pp. 1–30 (with Ama Baafra Abeberese, Prabhat Barnwal, Ritam Chaurey)

(New!) Women’s Political Representation and Intimate Partner Violence, 2022 (with S Anukriti and B. Erten)

Political Accountability for Populist Policies: Lessons from India’s Demonetization, 2022. (with G. Khanna), Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Public Economics, Link to Ideas for India (I4I) article here

The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in IndonesiaEconometrica, November 2017, 85 (6), 1991-2010. (with M. Martinez-Bravo & A. Stegmann)  (Replication files available on journal website here)

The Persistent Effects of Private versus Colonial Rule: Evidence from 19th Century Indonesia (with Thiemo Fetzer)

Policy Choices under Appointments and Elections: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Indonesia. 

The Electoral Effects of a Fiscal Transfer: Evidence from Indian Elections (with Thomas Fujiwara and Martin Kanz)

Changing Laws or Changing Norms? The Impact of Female Leadership on Intimate Partner Violence in India (with Anukriti and Bilge Erten)

Human Capital

Inputs, Monitoring, and Crowd-out in School-Based Health Interventions: Evidence from India’s Midday Meals Program, 2021. Journal of Public Economics. 204(7). 104552. (with J. Berry, S. Mehta, H. Ruebeck, K. Shastry) 

Implementation and Effects of India's National School-Based Iron Supplementation Program, 2019. (with J. Berry, S. Mehta, H. Ruebeck, K. Shastry), Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 144, May 2020, 102428

(New Draft coming Soon!) Pricing Private Education in Urban India: Demand, Use, and Impact, 2022. (with J. Berry)

Taken with a Grain of Salt? Micronutrient Fortification in South AsiaCESifo Economic Studies (2012) 58(2): 422-449 (with J. Berry and K. Shastry)

Social Identity and Aspirations: A Field Experiment in Rural India.

You can find information on the field experiment at the AEA trial registry here  - Mukherjee, Priya. 2014. "Social Identity and Aspirations." AEA RCT Registry. January 14

Engaging Parents in Learning: Experimental Evidence from Rural India, 2019 (with Sraavya Poonuganti)

Impacts of the Pandemic on Vulnerable Households in Bangladesh (with Emily Beam)

Take-Up, Use, and Effectiveness of Remote Learning Technologies (with Emily Beam and Laia Navarro-Sola)

Understanding Behavioral Barriers to Demand for Mental Health Services (with Lindsey Buck, Nirajana Mishra, Nikhilesh Prakash, Nishith Prakash, Diane Quinn, Shwetlena Sabarwal, and Deepak Saraswat)